Welcome Message from Pastor Sam!

Dear Friends,
Welcome to my BLOG space!
Today, technology has become a powerful tool for communication and I believe that God wants to use it as a channel to communicate His Word and bless people.
In the days to come, I will be posting some Biblical truths in this Blog, that will not only set you free, but will also empower you to live the abundant life that Jesus came to give us.
I encourage you to write to me with your comments for each post and also subscribe to the “RSS Feed” of this Blog so that you can be updated of new posts regularly.
With Love and Blessings,
Rev. Sam P. Chelladurai

89 thoughts on “Welcome Message from Pastor Sam!

  1. Thank you very much Pastor. We are really really blessed by your songs and messages. Your revelation from the Scriptures has motivates us to live a Victorious Christian Life. God bless you and all your ministries. Thank you so much in Jesus name.

  2. Dear Pastor Sam, you’re doing a wonderful service to the country by feeding millions with the unblemished Word of God. Indians have been duped by believing in the words of politicians and corrupt govt officials and lets not leave the private sector too! It is my wish to see the whole of India filled with the Word of God through your sermons. Please do extend this service in regional languages to places like Rajasthan, Bihar, U.P and M.P.
    Have a nice day

    • Bobby,
      thank you for your valuable feedback. Yes, I have really had it in my mind for some time now to reach the people who live particularly in the Hindi speaking areas of our country. It is important to do that. Our next move will be towards that. We have already tried to dubb my messages in Hindi so that we can play them in the Hindi Channels. I think we have found a suitable person with a voice that we are pleased with. The next step would be to start dubbing all the messages and get them ready for telecast. We are praying that god will soon make this possible.

      • Dear Pastor,
        This is a great news.My sister lives with her family in Chattisgarh.My BIL works for a cement factory while my sister is a teacher.There are only 2 christian families in the whole towship.There is o church in this area.One has to drive more than 2 hours to reach the nearby town.My sister watches u in DD Podigai regularly.She has two kids,14 & 11.Both of them do not understand tamil now since they have been living in North India from their childhood.This would be a great blessing.ONE SMALL REQUEST,CAN THE SONGS BE DUBBED IN HINDI ALSO.

        Thank u
        Rajesh Martin

  3. Uncle Sam I thank the Almighty God for providing such a wonderful opportunity to receive the word of God. Iam doing 2yr BA. Economics in Loyola College. I come to AFT regularly for the past 3 yrs. My life has Changed wonderfully. Your preachings are like telling stories to the small kids. I and my family really love you. Glory to God.

    • Rajesh,

      Glad to hear from you. l am very happy to hear your comment that my messages “are like telling stories to small kids”! I do deliberately make it very simple so that everyone can understand. I am happy that it is working.Happy to have you at AFT.


      • Pastor
        You have read in the church the Proverbs 10:22 in different version to make us to understand batter.

        In the Telugu Bible first part of the verse translated as it is second part says
        By the hard work of the man that blessing can not be multiple

        I thank God thru Jesus for all
        In Christ

  4. Reverend,
    Our Church website looks more comprehensive now, it’s a constant companion in my house from the time I left to US and infact I now get to worship in our church more often than ever. Thrilled about this blog too and thank you for opening yet another avenue for our Spiritual edification!

    • Uvin,

      Happy to hear from you.. Thank God that technology helps close the distance between us so that you can benefit from our ministry right where you are. Were you able to find a good church to go to in the US. In some places there are some real good ones. Anyway, i am happy that you can join with us for worship from there. What a blessing technology has become!


      • Reverend,
        I was not able to find a good church here. Tried a few places but it was like downgrading from Five Star Hotel Lunch Buffet to Udipi Hotel Mini Meals. Our Church site helps me to grow spiritually from the place where I left in India. Nowadays, on Sundays I get to worship in 3 back to back services, which was something I was not doing even when I was there. For the RevSam TV & Radio it would be useful if you can post the schedule of what’s going to be broadcast. Thank You & Bye!

  5. Praise to GOD! I am really admiring the way you are utilizing these modern technologies, specially the internet. I must confess that your entry in the internet completely changed my interest on the internet and currently I am spending more time in your website by hearing messages and so on. I am the guy used to read lots of general blog postings and again you are bringing this to divert me from that to read GOD’s word from your blog postings. Again it has been proved that all of your initiatives will not allow us to spend our (God’s given) time on unworthy things. Thanks Pastor……

  6. I would like to thank you for giving the new look for your site… Its really fantastic and user-friendly. I used to watch your service in on-line…its really wonderful giving God’s word to the world…

    I am really happy to write this message to you directly… Thanks for giving me the opportunity to talk to you through this service. Thanks to God. I am very much impressed from your bible speech. Once i after heard your message. Certain things are really changed in my life… Now i am leading a wonderful life with God.. i learnt much in word of God.

    I would like to learn lot more about Word of God in the bible. Will you be able to help me understand the bible words through this channel? I am very much interested to post my questions in this channel.. i really want to understand the real meaning of each words in the bible..

    Thanks for giving me the wonderful speech in each service….

    With Love

  7. Dear Pastor Uncle, Wow.. Praise the Lord and I am so happy to see you blogging. I am a person who rely on live webcast atleast once a month. May God bless you to share the truth with many.


  8. Dear pastor,
    our website changes are too good,features also very useful for all and user friendly. Last few months only i come to our church. i attend the Tuesday service first. After that i never miss your messages. In my college days very lazy to attend the services.suppose to go there i slept fully. But in our church all are mingle to god and feel the presence of god. Thank you Jesus.

  9. Dear Pastor,
    Thank you for your wonderful life changing messages of God’s principles. On this independence day, revsam.org in a new style is another blessings to all.
    As you know,
    I – Intelligent
    N – Nation
    D – Developing
    I – In
    A – All fields…

    …and no wonder, you blog too.. It is just a tip of the iceberg and we expect lot from you..!!!
    With love,
    R.Babukrishnamoorthi, Chennai

  10. Dear loving Pastor,

    We are really blessed by your ministry. We hear your preachings as if being heard in wilderness. No where we hear such powerful truths of God. We thank God for you and your ministries.

  11. Praise be to God! What a wonderful step ahead! This is how we conquer, how we make use of everything good that is available, Brilliant way to reach the millions out there. Bless you dear Pastor for spreading the truth so wisely. Now there’s a change in how we use the internet too! Praise God for that. Looking forward for more interesting happenings.

  12. I Praise The LORD for giving such an AWESOME TEACHER of the word of God,
    Sam uncle thank you very much for the upgraded feature of the website it is much useful nowadays. im doing my final year MBBS uncle.
    I am Hearing your messages since 9 months,my mind is renewing radically, now im hearing 24th part of Renewal of Mind,its really good (Meditation part),i wont miss your live messages on sunday in web,and im blessed by that live.,
    i have one small doubt,., during sermons you say like this ” i crossed seven seas to know the truth that i am a king” is that “KENNETH E HAGIN MINISTRIES”??
    Because im reading and listening the messages of Hagin sr messages looking the same. i love both of your messages.
    one big request can u please start a branch of AFT here in andhrapradesh(nellore)
    because no one is teaching the truth here,only few churches teach the truth here like calvary faith church TADIPATRI(ANANTAPUR) , Im going to that church. i thank you once again for the TRUTH WHICH SET ME FREE.

  13. Dear Loving Pastor,

    We as a family are blessed by your ministries. We hear your preachings as if we hear it in wilderness. Because in our city, no where we are hearing these truths from bible. We as a family thank God for you and your ministries.

    This world is ours. It is our God’s promise. He will surely fulfill it in our life time.

  14. Our Beloved Pastor,
    We as a family are so much blessed by your teachings.We are so happy about the 24 hours radio and TV features of this website which is awesome.I have never heard such a wonderful message before coming to your church.I thank you Pastor for your teachings which are unique, mind transforming and life changing.

  15. Dear Sam Annan,
    Congratulations to the team under your guidance for this new version and easy access to the word of God. Praise God for the facility and the talent to use the same.Each Sunday service that I attend ,there is something that makes my faith grow stronger and I realize a change in my attitude and there is a positive outlook in all aspects.Thank God for such a lovely opportunity and God bless your work and am looking forward for more beautiful experiences through your tremendous work.Great job done and thank you very much.Dolly.

    • Hello Dolly,

      You always give such good feedback and it encourages me a lot. Thank you. I am happy to see you attend every sunday as a family. i am glad to know that you are growing in your faith and becoming very positive in your outlook. Thank you for your words of encouragement.


  16. Hi Pastor, This is Dhivya. THe New Website is just dame cooolll!!! I’m loving these features. Looking forward for your contributions. The Lord uses everything and anything for His Glory!!!
    Praise the LORD!!!

    Congrats & Best Regards,

  17. Pastor,
    my life total change. every week live ch arch program attend internet my family. thankful God and your service .

  18. Respected pastor,
    new version of website is so nice,we as family attend regularly Sunday morning Tamil service .after hearing and hearing the word of god really it is difficult to think negatively,we approach every situation in a positive manner.the way we approach god ,people the money is different.i am working in a college as assistant professor my thinking was many way different from other colleagues .we are so blessed by the word of god. the most important thing we have learn t is how to identify the truth , i can definitely say when a message preached by any other man whether it is from bible or from the man. thank you for your messages.we regularly watch sunday evening and tuesday evening,you are you the technology so well.many of the people say bad about internet,they doesnt know there is is a life changing website is there.you preach like jesus so simple and so straight so truth.


  20. pastor your new web site really very much impressed by every one …. that too 24 hr TV channel and on air radio superb awesome really thank you pastor !!!!
    I Praise The LORD for giving such an AWESOME TEACHER of the word of God,

  21. Dear Pastor, New website is really good to naigate very fast then the earlier one. Its more user friendly. All Glory to God. Praise the Lord. Sunil Kumar D

  22. Dear Pastor Sam,

    Gr8 to see you on Blog and I am sure that you would be able to empower more knowledge, wisdom and understanding to all mankind round the globe through this blog, to make a difference in the lifes of every person visiting this website. I am also sure you are making a mark in each ones life that cannot be erased.

  23. your messages are very good and they could change people very quickly from wrong to right by the word of god you preach. the new blog can help to interact with you and receive truths of bible as you said. god bless you
    thank you

  24. Dear Pastor… Greetings in Christ…
    I Thank and Praise GOD for this opportunity of expressing your Views and Counselling through online in more easy and convenient manner,,,
    GOD be greatly glorified through this ministry…Many Thanks & Best Wishes for this effort from you …We Keep remembering you and this ministry and the entire AFT family in our daily prayers…GOD will mightily and Wonderfully bless You and Take care of you…Keep up your Good works for GOD’s Glory in CHRIST…

    Thankfully Yours

  25. Beloved Pastor,

    I don’t have words to say about the ministry your doing to the world, We can’t stop with only one word like wonderful, super but its more than that (like more than abundance), I wish appreciate our team for taking such a tremendous efforts to reach the word of god in so many hearts.

    Pastor you are really ‘Real Hero’ for us, especially for youths.

    Congrats & Best Regards

  26. Dear Pastor,

    I have been attending our church services for the past one month. Previously I used to watch your messages in Podhigai Channel, induced by the word of GOD I started attending services at our church.

    Your messages gives an insight of the word of GOD in a very different kind. Your messages are being oriented towards the success in life of the believers, which I haven’t experienced ever before.

    I must have to say that our ministry is the one and only which is using media and information technology to its maximum in preaching the word of GOD in India. This really takes the word of GOD even more powerful and allows every believer to linger in the word of GOD and his blessings.

    I thank you pastor for your dedication in preaching the word of GOD guiding me in the word of GOD.

  27. Hi Pastor,
    I dont know whether you know or not I have e-mailed you some few years back in your vsnl email regarding What god has put on regarding AFT .I knew your church and how it has been established through the POWER of the WORD.From my childhood days I had been a church guy but i really don’t understand why religion has made people to limit themselves in their life.But God has somehow made a way to hear from you through Tamilan TV some few years in chennai.Being a chennai guy I have never heard anybody other than you Preach the truth .Over the years God has blessed me by being around with Oral Roberts,Kenneth Copeland,Bob yandian,Billy Joe Daughtery ,Creflo dollar ,Jerry savelle,Dr.Price ,Bill winstonJesse Duplantis,Andrew wommack ,and God made a way to meet all these wonderful men of God in my 20’s and God really blessed me within a short span of time because that was one of my heart’s desire to meet everyone in person and one of the amazing moments of my life was that i could meet Bro.oral roberts in person when he came to ORU for the last two ocassions in his life.It all came to pass because of listening to your messages and you often say “Those who know their God shall do great exploits” .But Technology has made it possible for evangelism even faster.I know that from chennai the whole world is going to hear the Gospel to all the nations where His Voice is not heard.I am really excited for the largest stadium everbuilt by a church thats going to be AFT chennai .The world is going to be amazed what the Lord is already doing .
    “Expectation is the breeding ground for miracles”.
    With Love& prayers

  28. Dear loving Pastor,
    I ve immense pleasure to see ur blog. Basically I m from Hindu & accepted God. But black-sliding was one problem in my life.I used to watch ur program in podhigai TV, then I started search in ur sermons in online. Its edifying me, to grow in word of Christ.Word of God changed my life! I m thankful God for How much He loves us & also for ur archives, radio, TV program-mes,blog, live worship.

  29. Dear Pastor..Praise God..When i came to AFT for the first time (have been coming to AFT for more than Six years) i was searching for a Job..God has lifted me from that level and blessing me very much and now i am in Florida,USA (recently moved).Your teaching has been totally changed my life style, thoughts and faith …PRAISE GOD. Thank you so much for this website, we are watching every service and praising Jesus.Than you and the team..Our God is a good God forever.

  30. Dear Sam Pastor,
    I really want to praise the Lord for speaking his mighty and living word through you. Your preaching is truly great and really makes my faith grow stronger and realize a change in my thoughts. All your church services are great, especially the bible study on tuesday evenings is really thoughtful and spiritual truths are revealed in a great way. Pastor i pray deep from my heart that, God must strengthen you and your ministries. Thanks for all your efforts from you and your team.


  31. Dear Pastor,
    Our website is really fantastic and user-friendly. I am very happy about the 24 hours radio because from now onwards i can hear UR message from my office itself. Pastor, if possible please broadcast our church tamil and english songs too every one hour gap because all songs are very inspirational to us.

  32. Dear Pastor,


    Tremendous effort..!!!!

    The Architectural idea of this website seems great.

    It was in my mind for a long time to tell about our website, but i was unable to communicate, but it is a great pleasure to see the excellent work done.

    I am Excitedddddddddddddddd…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH…!!!!!!!!!!!

    God is always good..

    We are blessed to with your wonderful gift of preaching.

    Thank you
    Ashok Kumar Mangalagiri

  33. Dear Pastor,
    I and my family are blessed by your ministries. After hearing Romans, I and my children got saved. After hearing Doctrine of man, I am able to solve all my family problems very easily. After hearing Renewal of mind, I am able to beleive God for great thing. After reading the book Discovering God’s plan for your life I understood God’s purpose for me. When i used to attend the traditional church, i used to read bible, but i was not able to understand anything correctly. The church din’t teach anything. But i had a thirst to know about the bible. I found a verse in Isaiah 8:12, 13 and i used to pray to God to help me according to that verse. God answered me and shattered all my bondage chains through your messages. In the beginning, i felt like shouting while hearing your messages as the lady did when she heard Jesus preaching. I wonder how Jesus’ messages would have been.
    I thank God everyday for having given us such a wonderful pastor.Thank you for your life changing messages.

  34. Dear Pastor Sam,
    I thank JESUS for this milestone and robust efforts being practiced in AFT every week on every service. Pastor you are become a international celebrity by the powerful institution of Word of God in our lives. We are most thankful to you and helping us to comprehend the Word of God in layman terms. This new version of website shows that God’s Ministry requires technology to reach millions of people and preach the powerful Gospel in this earth. As Paul says I am not ashamed of the Gospel for it is the power of God. Today we join hands to preach the God’s cause and do his will and execute his purpose in this earth.

  35. Dear Pastor,

    Its a great pleasure for me in writing to you, a lot & lot transformation has happened in my life and in my family through your preaching. We all being coming to your church for past 3 years and living a blessed and happy life till this moment. 3 years back my family were in a lot of problems, struggles, loans and credit card problems like more and more. But once we all came to know about you and your preaching through Pricilla Rajan mam ( Faith International Academy ) ,we started coming to your church regularly and started to follow and apply Gods Words in our life. All my problems vanished away. Till i don’t know how it all happened. Its all because of your excellent preaching. Morning to night its your words and songs only playing in my house, including my mobile alarm and ring tone also its your worship songs ( ESPECIALLY THAT PONGUTHEY AANANDHAM SONG). Excellent commanding voice you are having, once your voice passes through our ears, that’s it all the veins in our body stands straight and mind prepares for action. Now i am 28 yrs old, i don’t know how long i am going to live in this world, For example if i live for 70 years, and if there is a possibility of transferring my life time to any one who i love a lot , I am sure i will transfer my half of the life time to you pastor. Because there are more and more people and born babies are waiting for hearing GODS WORDS through you. PRAISE THE LORD


  36. My beloved Pastor,

    I started coming to our Church about 4 years ago. Before that, I was a selfish, sleepy Christian. I had always thought that it would be enough for me to just pray, read Bible,and attend one service in a week lest my conscience trouble me. I thought it is an over-expectation for God to expect me to minister to Him in the usual sense of that word. I was famine-stricken with respect to the Word of God. I was full of doubts and uncertainties about God and the Word of God. Ever since I started listening to your teachings, I began to walk in “day light.” I started seeing glorious things that God has there for us from the foundation of the world. God taught me through you life-changing truths such as Laws of God, Laws of the Kingdom, God being good, certainty of salvation, Faith that can shake mountains, renewing of the mind, and so on… Today, I feel a tremendous burden upon me to return to my native and to serve God and His people. I am allowing God to equip me to the calling with which He called me. It would be an understatement to say that I am blessed through you! It is something more than that! Thanks a million, Pastor.

    I have always longed eagerly to talk with you about the Faith we all share. I had come twice to your office to talk with you about some theological difficulties like predestination, role of the Holy Spirit in our Salvation, and so on. But unfortunately, those two meetings ended abruptly due to lack of time. When Bro. Natchimuthu announced about this blog, I could hardly contain my joy. Thank you very much for coming up with this wonderful mode of interaction. I am looking forward to have some memorable conversations with you. I thank God through our Savior Jesus Christ for giving us you, dear Pastor.

    With love – in Christ,
    Satheesh Kumar. M

  37. Dear Pastor Sam,

    ThiThis is really great feature you have for us in your website to be in correspondence with You Thank You for this.
    I believe redemption is the biggest miracle and gift mankind can have .NEXT TO IT, THE GREATEST GIFT I PERSONALY HAVE IS GOD’S LEADING TO AFT,TO YOUR TEACHING OF THE WORD OF GOD. Every time I hear your preaching ,I just thank God for bringing us here at AFT I realize how God loves us and cares for us to be fed with such great spiritual truth.
    I personally thank you and bless you for the persuasive effort you put to teach the word of God .Now i know that for sure whatever happens can go to Bible and get solution for anything and really believe with word of God in me I can do aything.I have specific testimonies in my life of how practically i did what you taught so simply and plainly and very practically .Pastor,what you teach on every single service makes me wonder how good, great our God is.
    Pastor i bless you and your Team and your family.We are blessed through your ministry abundantly.
    s is really great feature you have for us in your website to be in correspondence with You Thank You


  38. Dear Pastor, I am really very excited about each and every progress that AFT does. Recently I came to know that AFT is there everywhere we go..I am recently transfered to bangalore and started attending AFT church in bangalore by Pastor Ramesh. I am so excited to see that how you impacted the world with Word of God. Thanks for all your passion and love towards delivering people from the bondage. .Now we are eagarly waiting to watch your service in the new church. Pastor…Your simply awesome..

  39. Hello Pastor,
    Your messages,praise & worship are very nice,i watch all your services online,I live in banaglore,if i come to chennai i would love to come to your church,and this new version of the website is very good.

    God bless you


  40. Dear Pastor Sam,

    We as a family, are blessed immensely through your messages.

    The profound thoughts of your messages are amazing and inspiring. Moreover, the illustrations are very practical and precise. The revelation of the word of God through you is helping us to grow spiritually . We thank God for His mercy, which led us to associate with AFT and benefit by your powerful messages.

    We always uphold you in our prayers.

    With best regards

  41. Dear Pastor,
    I have collected some Quotes which includes some of the things that you preach about Renewing of the mind.In short it is a preview of your message.Your messages touch lives,change hearts and it is an inspiration to all of us. Thank you Pastor for your wonderful teachings.

    The greatest discovery of our generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind. As you think, so shall you be.
    Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.

    Life is like a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it.

    All that a man does outwardly is but the expression and completion of his inward thought. To work effectively, he must think clearly; to act nobly, he must think nobly.

    All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think, we become.

    Believe that if you think about disaster, you will get it. Brood about death and you hasten your demise. Think positively and masterfully with confidence and faith, and life becomes more secure, more fraught with action, richer in achievement and experience.

    As you think, you travel, and as you love, you attract. You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.

    If you want to change your life, change your mind.

    If one asks for success and prepares for failure, he will get the situation he has prepared for.

  42. Hi sir,

    ennaku English adhikama pesavum eluthavum varathu, this web model relay very super,my native in madurai, i am attn regular sunday early morning service after 1.5 years , your teaching very super , my Family regular going to RC church, sorry in-cash of my mistake

  43. Dear Pastor,

    Thank you for the launch of the new web-site. Its absolutely awesome. I have been coming to our church for around a year now and the perspective of my life has changed tremendously. I had had failures in my life and i thought it was my fate and also God’s will. But after coming here, I understood that God’s will is only success, victory and many more best gifts in life. I really Thank God that i am able to come to the church whatever it takes. Our God is such an adorable and lovely God that I never knew all these days. He has infact redeemed me and I am so delighted that we all belong to one family in Christ. Its only God’s Blessings that I am here today.

    With Love and Prayers,

  44. Dear Pastor Sam,
    In the name of Lord and Savior Jesus Christ we are really proud to have you as our Pastor. Your preachings about the word of God really reveals the truth and it is very useful to face the challenges of our day today life.

  45. Dear Pastor,

    Glory to God in the name of our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ,
    We are attending AFT,Chennai Since 2008. Me and my wife are tied by the Word of God through your revelationary Messages. Really God Loves us that is the message we got when we first attended your Church. We both were chirstians by Birth and brought up in christian families – But never we understood Gods Love towards us in our denominational Churches were we are Brought up.

    Its Only thorugh you and your Powerful, Life Changing Messages we have come to know that God Loves us and for that only reason he has sent his only begotten son to Set us free from all bondage of Sin ( Including Sickness, Poverty , Trouble etc) (We have Good collection of all your messages at Home … We listem to that atleast One per day….. I BELIVE IN CHRIST …THAT IS THE BEST PRESCIPTION THAN ANY DOCTOR CAN PRESCRIBE OR ANY FINANCIAL ADVISOR CAN SUGGEST OR ANY PARENT CAN ADVICE OR ANY MANAGEMENT SCHOLAR CAN TEACH.. HALLELUIAH… GLORY GLORY GLORY GLORY TO GOD FOR EVER ….AMEN…. BECAUSE YOU PREACH GOD’S WORD AND GOD’S WORD ONLYYYYYYYY)

    We got married in the year 2003 and we were child less till 2008…….Utill we started hearing the words of faith, words of healing and words of blessing from 2008…. We spent all our time and more money with doctors advice and several advices from many…. But When we trusted in God’s Word thorugh your messages – We received God’s Blessing Miraculously as my wife got conveived in the year 2008 December( We started attending AFT Sep 2008)


    Now we have a Beutiful Daughter “KEZIA” Praise be to God through Jesus Christ for AFT…. & PASTOR SAM…. You are a Powerful and God’s Wonderful TOOL to bring Joy and Success and Prosperity to all the families who attend worship at AFT and listen to God’s word that is preached.

    We Praise God and Wish you all Success in all the Efforts you take to Spread the Gospel by the Power of God’s Word in the Days to Come..


  46. hi pastor,holy spirit has led me n my family to your church .the word of god is being preached in truth n so deep. i study in vellore n every week i come n join my family to attend services at aft.i miss tuesday services, but soon i’m going to get transfer to chennai, in jesus name. where ever i am, i hear god”s word throug cds n mp3. thanks to all these services you r providing. god bless this great ministry more n more. let the kingdom of god spread throughout this earth.glory honour praise power might n all belongs to our father n his son. amen. take good care. bye.

  47. Dear Sam Uncle,
    I’m Sahayaraj, from Chandigarh. I praise and thank Lord for enabling me to meet you on this platform. I was blessed so much in my spiritual life from our Lord through your teachings. I was so adamant in a year back not to listen your messages in God TV and switched off as soon as your program started, and even cursed you a lot because of your prosperity teachings which I didn’t like. A few months later, Lord changed my attitude and helped me to listen your message in PodhigaiTV, in there you taught Galestians chapter 3 and subsequently had chance to listen another teaching in the context of “Isa 1:19”. I have been touched on that night. In next day, I just tried to apply your teaching towards to my usual bible reading and prayers, wow…. what tremendous outcome!!!! I was blessed by Lord abundantly in my spiritual life, changed my usual routines became fruitful life and glorified his name through my victorious life from the day I followed. My spiritual life has changed and increased in FAITH day by day through his word and the promises. I’m extremely sorry for cursing you in earlier days…

    My personal experience is that your teachings are not ONLY for just material prosperity (as I thought earlier), but also it’s the prosperity for SPIRITUAL LIFE and ETHERNAL. It’s applicable for all aspects of our life (With Christ) in the world as well as in Heaven. I’m a living testimony today to all traditional Christians who have wrong thoughts about your preachings.

    I’m in Chandigarh, North India. I could see so many souls here without knowing the truth. The gift that god gives you will be more useful for the people in this region, so kindly pray and initiate your efforts to people in North India by contacting Faith Seminar, TV ministries and etc.. I’m sure in Christ that you can reap more for him and his kingdom soon. I thank Lord and glorify him because I knew the truth from his word through you Pastor.

  48. hello pastor.the word of god tat u’ve been preaching s wonder working 4 me.thank u pastor.the songs sung in r chruch r so lively n meaninful.im really gettin all hpe n courage after hearin the wrd of god.my fly ws wantin 2 shift 2 a difrent place.but v dnt wanna miss d chrch.n nw v r planin to build a house here in chennai plz pray tat v may start n cmplte it soon.thank u.bye

  49. Dear Pastor

    Dear Pastor
    congratulations! for the new web blog.I am really thankful to God.I am very glad to watch all your program mes and songs.I came to know many truths and revelation through your messages.We are spending our time very usefully by watching your 24 hours programmes,archives,youtube songs.Once again we really thankful to you and your family dedication which help us to grow spiritually and to lead a victorious christian life.Many truths we came to know through your ministry which we never heard before.surely God will bless you , your family and your ministry abundantly.Let your ministry grow till the Lord’s coming.




  51. Dear Bro. Sam,
    I do not know how i am going to thank you, Sir, I thank God for your life, you know the time i started listening the word which is coming out of your mouth by the grace of God, my whole realm, in every direction I am changing, you know i am typeing all your messages, some I am righting in note books, u know word to word I am writing i cant spend my day with out hearing the Gods word from you and I want to tell all these messages I am sharing to somany people, i am preaching in 5 cell churches, every day evening i am preaching in cell group one place I started family, another place prayer, another place biblical parenting another place authority of the beleiver. All these messages I heard from you and I learnt it, i am implementing in my life and my family also doing the same, my children are hearing daily your sermons they are noting down important points, but I am typing/writing word to word, I do not know how I would thank you, I thank God for your wonderful life and the heart you have to work hard to glorify God.

  52. Dear Pastor Congratulations! for the new web blog.I am really thankful to God.I am very glad to watch all your program mes and songs.I came to know many truths and revelation through your messages.
    Iam been attending AFT,Chennai Since 1985 I came closer to LORD JESUS CHRIST through your wonderful and Inspiring Messages even today.I was touched when I first came to the church god spoke to me through the worship and the Message .You are a Powerful and God’s Wonderful TOOL to bring Joy and Success and Prosperity to all the families who attend worship at AFT and listen to God’s word that is preached. We Praise God and Wish you all Success in all the Efforts you take to Spread the Gospel by the Power of God’s Word in the Days to Come.. WE AS A FAMILY LOVE YOU IN CHRIST JESUS… AMEN

    I stand witness for the wonderful Blessing THE LORD GAVE ME through the WORD and through the FAITH OF YOUR MESSAGE so thrilling LORD BLESSED ME WITH TWO TWINS DAUGHTER ( Karen & Kathy) after 7years and we dedicated and named them at AFT in 2004

    Remember our family in your Prayers

    God Bless you and your Family
    With Prayers

    Victor Suresh

  53. Dear Sir,
    I can’t resist to express my joy, as I have been hearing ‘media on demand – sun day service’s audio teachings(english).
    I am new to your site and heared last 5 weeks messages. I have been encouraged greately, by your teaching.

    Keep going on,

  54. Brother I am very happy to hear 24/7 TV and Radio channels. i thank you for your wonderful preaching of life changing words of our almighty god touching many people in the world through innovative technology. We could easily understand the way you preaching sermons especially who are we?. what we have and what we can do. I really motivated by your empowerment word of god I have been attending AFT live services regularly since 2004. since then i have changed lot towards attitude,prayers,spending more time to read bible. i am working as support engineer in a IT firm. i got some idea about how to improve more AFT services through latest technology called IVR,CTI(voice domain).. Where people can call and subscrible our monthly (Echo) magazine by giving their Subscription ID, order MP3 CD’ across india over phone. Access church information regularly. Lot more tech avaible to explore our heavenly father words to the world. if god’s desire i will make it possible to our church. i thank for given wonder ful site to be touch abundandly..

  55. Dear pastor congratulation for the new web blog,I am really thankfullto god.I am very glad to watch every night at Podhigai Chanell,and every sundy 6.30 am prayer.Icame understand that many truths,and revelations through your messages.My self and family spending our times very usefully by watching your programmes. Many truths we came to know through your powerfull spreaches which we never heard before. God bless you.I am one of the great fan for you. Thankyou Pastor,Praise the Lord.

  56. Dear Pastor
    We as a congregation are regularly viewing your live telecast regularly from Kuwait. It is a blessing to each one of us to see the live messages in Kuwait which has transformed our lives. Now we really understand that our provision do come from our ABBA Father. Let God lead you to Kuwait in the future days to come. Your 24 hr Radio & TV is a regular Manna to us. Thank you Pastor for new Website. May God lead this Ministry into greater Heights


  57. Dear Pastor
    We as a congregation regularly watch the live telecast from Kuwait. The messages have transformed us to greater heights and we are blessed to view your messages live in Kuwait. Yes now we understand that Assignment and provision should not linked but we should be linked our ABBA Father who is our Provider. Yes God lead you into Kuwait in the days to come. Let the 24/7 radio & TV opens the doors of Abundance to many people around the world and let this Website be remembered by all.May your ministry flourish in all the ways


  58. Dear Pastor

    we express our deep regards and wishes as a family ( Obey and Babyma).We belong to your church. we have been coming to your church since 2008. We are getting revelation of the word of God and his will in our church. Pastor you preached about sowing for gospel will yield 100 fold returns. I believed in the word of God. I sowed 100Rs I got a return of 10,000 Rs. I am very happy about the news. I and my Mon Babyma decided to sow in the Gospel and to his ministry for our prosperity. We wish you and you family good health and prosperity.

  59. Dear Pastor Sam,
    I’m very glad to know that we have a tech-savvy preacher in the Christian community ! Technology is here to help us , not to defeat us. The sooner preachers understand this vital point the better it would be for spreading the Gospel across the nation. It’s sad to see people viewing computers as evil geniuses ! All this malarkey about computer codes and 666 would do very well for a typical teenager’s idea of a horror flick. When start to be Word-focused rather than bent upon unravelling the texts of ‘Last generation’ authors, things would become simpler and meaningful. We are a blessed generation and incredibly blessed to have the Word coming to us from different media sources ! Faith comes from hearing and hearing the Word of God works wonders irrespective of the medium of transmission. Now how many would agree to that ?
    Keep blogging Pastor,
    Have a great day

  60. hey Ps.sam,
    I’am 23years old from a catholic background in Bangalore.. I got saved in & through Jesus Christ when my colleague reached to me the Gospel of Jesus Christ 2 n’ half years back.. After getting saved, the first teaching i watched was yours in God tv… At that time you were teaching about “God kind of faith”… The teaching helped me in my initial days as a believer.. The more i listened to your teaching, the more i grew in the Kingdom of God.. I started spending heaps of time in reading, studying & learning what God teaches me through the Bible!! I not only got delivered from various worldly things, but also started Enjoying & Living in the Goodness, God has given unto me In Jesus… Now i’am attending AFT, Bangalore pastored by Ps. Ramesh… Learning great things from there too & also watching & learning a lot from your teaching on podcasts & online services… I can strongly say that I’m living a King’s life in My Lord 2 n’ half years after my Saviour saved me… As i’ve grown a little in the Kingdom of God, I’am able to comprehend the mighty plans of God for my life… I can feel the sense of accomplishment in my life.. I take this awesome opportunity of blogging you to express my deepest gratitude & thanks for your help regarding learning of the Word & offcourse, the Holy Spirit.. THANK YOU & keep going places & teach the truth to many like me who are waiting to know what the truth is… When God is for you, who can be against you & all things are possible for you!! 🙂 I’am happy too, for seeking the Lord in the days of my youth… Hoping to meet you in person with a good report…
    Thank you bro… keep in touch, God Bless You!!!!

  61. Dear Rev. Sam,
    I praise God IMMENSLY for giving such a powerful wisdom to you. Many a time I am stunned by your revealation of God. Praise God for giving tremendous knowledge and rationalism to you.
    I thank the Lord for giving a good preacher. Your words of wisdom has opened my eyes to our beloved Father.God bless you dear brother.

  62. Dear Pastor Sam,
    I really thank you for the greatest revelation that you received from Lord JESUS CHRIST. I have attended last Tuesday service and I was greatly touched by God when you taught about the book of Ephesians focused on the power of Sin. I realized and got the revelation that the law of Sin and death operated when we caught up in Sin. Now I can easily find my ways whether
    I am under operating under the Law of Sin and death or by the Law of Spirit of life through JESUS. Your teachings about the power of Sin is so profound and now my spiritual eyes are opened and able to communicate with God more effectively than before. Millions of thanks to you pastor. I want to dedicate my deeds for spreading the Gospel to all the nations in the world.

    We wants JESUS to increase your longevity inorder to receive the revelation of God more abundantly through you………………

  63. Thank u Pastor…

    As a new born baby my son Samuel Martin had a deformation in the right leg below the ankle,which is twisted inside.i do not now remeber the medical name now.Since my wife was in medical field the same hospital put a pop for him when he is two days old.had to remove & put a new one every month.4 months went & the doc.told that there is very less improvement & i might recommend for a surgery.we planned to work on the insurance by the time.I never wanted any knife to touch my kid.We have strong faith in GOD,since he is a outcome of our Faith.
    WE BROUGHT HIM TO THE CHURCH ONE WEEK(only for the dedication we have done once).Met our beloved PASTOR SAM after the service.Me & my wife were crying & cold not explain to him but showed him the leg that the POP.Pastor just prayed a simple prayer & asked us to believe that GOD will HEAL.The foll.week was the appoinment with the Doc.After examinig the child the doc.said his leg is fine!!! & u do not to come back at all.(this the best hospital in Chennai & the doc is the chief Child Ortho).Brothers & sisters,have Faith & believe in christ for
    all ur miracels…….

    Note:He is going to be 5 yrs come Nov,Me & kid play Football,Shuttle,Cricket,drivers small car in the mall.

    We currently live in Doha,Qatar & through webcast we attend the church regularely.GOD BLESS

  64. Thank u Pastor…

    As a new born baby my son Samuel Martin had a deformation in the right leg below the ankle,which is twisted inside.i do not now remeber the medical name now.Since my wife was in medical field the same hospital put a pop for him when he is two days old.had to remove & put a new one every month.4 months went & the doc.told that there is very less improvement & i might recommend for a surgery.we planned to work on the insurance by the time.I never wanted any knife to touch my kid.We have strong faith in GOD,since he is a outcome of our Faith.
    WE BROUGHT HIM TO THE CHURCH ONE WEEK(only for the dedication we have done once).Met our beloved PASTOR SAM after the service.Me & my wife were crying & cold not explain to him but showed him the leg that had the POP.Pastor just prayed a simple prayer & asked us to believe that GOD will HEAL.The foll.week was the appoinment with the Doc.After examinig the child the doc.said his leg is fine!!! & u do not to come back at all.(this the best hospital in Chennai & the doc is the chief Child Ortho).Brothers & sisters,have Faith & believe in christ for
    all ur miracels…….

    Note:He is going to be 5 yrs come Nov,Me & kid play Football,Shuttle,Cricket,drivers small car in the mall.

    We currently live in Doha,Qatar & through webcast we attend the church regularely.GOD BLESS

  65. Dear pastor
    we are coming from anna nagar as a family, we dont miss any of our church services .
    we are really happy to see the changes in our church website.
    this is helping us a lot to know more about god,
    and this blogging facility is amazing that now v r able to text u directly.
    i thank GOD who has kept me n my family in a right church, under a right pastor to guide us in spiritual life,
    me and my brother listens to ur messages always ,like u say juz hearing once is not enough
    so until it gets into our SUB-CONSCIOUS mind we are hearing, hearing and hearing to ur messages in cd’s and in al medias.
    u knw pastor its lik for 24hrs its only ur voice being heard in our house through cd’s.
    ur preachings has brought lots of changes in me n my family,GOD’S words which comes out of ur mouth has made my family to prosper,
    i feel proud to say tht i belong to AFT CHURCH.
    at ths young age of mine i m lucky to get such a talented, lovable person as my bible teacher,ur teachings very easily gets into my head.you are “GOD SENT MIRACLE ” to al of us.
    apart from bible and spiritual life,u as a simple human being there r still lot of things to learn from u pastor.i would say you are my ROLE MODEL pastor.
    ur voice is amazing pastor,we enjoy worship in our church,”pongudhey anandham” song is too nice …
    pastor u plss keep teaching us more and more ..
    come with new topics …..
    i am eagerly waiting for al sunday’s and tuesday’s to hear it from u..
    thanqqq pastor

    take care of ur health


  66. Dear pastor,
    I thank God for showing me YOU and i thank you for showing me GOD. The best part of my life has been the past 2yrs …. since i started attending your church. The very basics of christian life I started to learn only after coming to aft.Thou being a born christian and after going to the church all my life I have never heard this type of preaching. To pray ,leading a successful life,being more than a conquerer… …. so much moreyou have taught me The very first time i attended the church you were singin “aagum ellam aagum” and “mountain you got to move” Ther where sooo many thing I wanted and soooo many mountains in my way and you gave a personal experience of writing down your requirements and praying for it with faith. With faith I wrote down all my needs and the mountains in my way which came upto 10in number. i believed that i too culd testify the same as you .Before the end of the year all that i asked for was given to me not “to the brim” but “my cup runneth over” and now i feel that there is nothing more for me to ask . God has been tooo gooood but for you, me and my family wold not have tasted this. now i can hear only you preach and hear only you sing 24/7 i listen to you singing in my ipod when i travel and when at home .My kids told that some thing was wrong with me (coz i 24/7listen to you )but after reading all these post i certainy know that iam not alone you are certainly a larger than life hero to many ………..Thank you for all that you have helped me to gain ….

  67. Dear Pastor,

    Praise the Lord. I am immensely happy to hear and see the modifications in our website http://www.revsam.org and there are no words to express my happiness. till this time i am using the website in all ways i can and reap the benefit out of it. Now it is even more interesting to see the modifications and we are really blessed to utilize the facilities provided by you to move further towards the spiritual path and to grow more and more and more and more in faith, keep going on………………………. We normally attend the sunday service (9.00AM), I love to sing all the songs which we have learnt here, which are very very new to us. this is true pastor, when ever i am depressed or worried or some kind of feeling like that, when i start from my house to the church, i use to pray to god about the worry or problem which i am having in my mind. When you start praise and worship and when you start singing songs, god replies to me through your song to me and you will be comfortiing me by god’s word in between the songs for the same problem which i would have been worried or thinking. If i feel that i am sick and not well, that very same day you would sing the song I am the lord that healeth thee and also sometimes Naan sugamaanen! Naan sugamaanen! this happens always. God speaks to me through you. when i hear you saying, i feel you are speaking for me. Many times you have said in your messages that “SOMEBODY NEEDS THIS RIGHT NOW” i believe that god speaks to me through you. I am coming to our AFT only for the past 2 years. Each and every second god leads me. Right from the day one to this church me, my hubby and my beloved son are enjoying his uninteruppted, annointing of his blessings upon us. I am proud to say that i am part of AFT.When ever you sing a song which i have not heard, the same day it self i would some how try to sing that song.Nowadays except the sleeping hours i keep singing the songs which are precious, which heals,comforts, encourages,and makes me strong strong and ever more stronger than before. Thanks a lot for being with us 24×7. Actually we love to be with you some day and spend time with you, but we know very well about your busy schedules and above that you are working only for us round the clock, so we dont want to disturb our beloved pastor.Thank you once again, We always remember you in our daily prayers and also for our ministry. We would be very very happy if we see you in our church all the week days and that too (4 Services), even that would not make good our thirst of hearing your words, but since we love our beloved pastor, please take care of your health (be health conscious also).

  68. Dear pastor Sam,
    We have been coming to AFT for the last 3 years and we have been tremendously blessed by your teachings .My wife Neela and our two sons David(11) and Joshua (8) come to the sunday morning Service and we login to your live service on tuesday We stay at Thoraipackam. We seek your guidance now. My wife is pregnant and we had not planned for this . We feel we are not ready for this both financially and physically though she does not have any medical challenge right now. We seek your guidance on what has to be done next. We wanted to meet you face to face yesterday morning but we could not do so. Please guide us on this.

  69. Dear Pastor Sam,

    I am Aravinth and I attend the church services regularly. I come from Tambaram. Our family never misses your services. I am blessed with a baby boy on June 10th 2010. Hope you remember you presided over my wedding, which happened in Madurai LWC on 01st Oct 2008. As partners in the ministry, we are really blessed and filled with the love of God.
    I would like to say that our God is very keen in pulling people from the dust and make them sit with Kings and Princes. I am one such guy. My heart fills and overflows with joy and love when I meditate on the same. Thanks for your life transforming sermons.

    In Christ,
    Aravinth J, Rhema A and family

  70. Dear paster,

    I am from hindu family ,sep 2008 god touched my life from then i am worshiping lord jesus,but i came to know “Who i am ” after steped into AFT only.Now i am 33yrs i can say i totally wasted my life all these years.”Your preaching is really turned my life from “BOTTAM to TOP” sometime i use to feel to shout while you preaching .thanks to god for using you in mighty way.Now i am telling all my relative and friends to see your program in TV.I am very eagar to see my wonderful next years in chirst.Really i am ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, no words to express my happiness.We are giving all the glory and honour to jesus. Me ,my wife,my child WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

  71. Dear Pastor,

    God is good !! He has been so good in my life. Only the exceeding power of the Holy spirit brought me to your church to understand the word of God in the way that I am supposed to. The good understanding about the word of God will not leave us in the way we were before. It became true in my life. God’s prosperity started flowing in my life and to Jesus be all the glory, the honor and the praise. I never even imagined that I will be elevated (in my job) like how it happened to me. But it happened.

    I have been doing God’s Ministry as well in south (Near Tuticorin) and I propagate only what I heard through yourself. And it really touches people and they wonder (as I did) that nobody preached like this. I pray that your ministry should touch the south people more effectively in the coming days so that they will throw their sunday garments and worship the Lord as God wants.

    Thank you Pastor. May God bless you


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